Airvape Xs Go

Apollo AirVape




-          Ceramic Oven

-          20 Second Heating

-          3- Minute Auto-Shutoff

-          Single Button Control

-          Isolated Airpath

-          1200 mAh Battery

-          Super Compact Design

-          5 Temperature Settings

Airvape Xs Go is the latest release from Apollo. This device might be the only vaporizer you will ever need. Airvape Xs Go features a completely new design but still retains some of the great features present in its predecessors. With this device, you are able to charge the battery and use it  for a continuous vaping session. This feature makes it unique amongst all Airvape models. The unit is also budget friendly. It is $50 cheaper than the Airvape Xs. Read on to find out some of its incredible features.


Airvape Go features a completely new design. It has abandoned the look of the previous models. The Airvape Xs Go features a curvy and compact design that is similar to KadyPens MIVA 2. Featuring 1” width and 4” length, this device will comfortably fit in your hand. This makes it extra stealthy and portable and an awesome companion on the go. It only weighs 2 oz. So you can easily carry it around without much hassle.

Hybrid Heating

Airvape Xs Go features a hybrid convection/conduction heating system. It is made with 100% ceramic oven that helps in heating your herbal blend directly. The oven is inert to chemical reactions and heat resistant thus preventing combustion. It also ensures that you get a silky smooth finish from your dry herb.

The ceramic oven also helps in creating balanced conduction while the compartment beneath the chamber fills with hot air ensuring that there is evenly heating of the bowl. Airvape Xs Go does not feature the precision temperature as it is in Airvape Xs, but instead, it has five preset temperatures. If you are looking for flavor, lower temperatures are the most preferable. However, if you are looking for larger hits, then switch to higher temperatures. Once you choose your most preferred temperatures, Airvape Xs Go heat in less than 20 seconds.

Buying Airvape Xs Go

Overall, Airvape Xs Go is a great vaporizer. It is especially favorable for people looking to have great vaping sessions at a pocket-friendly price. It also offers some features that are not present in any other previous Airvape devices like changeable battery and comfort grips. Airvape Xs Go is worth every penny.


-          1 x Airvape Xs Go

-          1 x USB Charging Cable

-          1 x Cleaning, Packing Tools

-          1 x User Manual

-          1 x Replacement Filter Screen Package

Technical Specifications

-          Limited Lifetime Warranty

-          Weight: 2 oz.

-          Dimension: 3.8” x 1” x 1.3”