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The AirVape Xs is a thin, slim and light-weight dry herb vaporizer. It features ceramic chamber, glass mouthpiece, digital temperature control, and comes in an extremely attractive and small design for stealth and discreet vaping. Compared to other vapes within the same price range, AirVape Xs will satisfy you with its performance. If you would love to learn more about the features of this device, read on.

Design and Build Quality

AirVape Xs has a very sturdy metal shell, not plastic and feels and looks more durable and elegant. The form factor is actually pretty, its small, light and flat design makes it convenient to store and easy to hold. Overall, the size, weight, and shape are right in line with all that users look for in a good portable vape. 

Ease of Use

Vapes that are easy to use makes the whole vaping experience more enjoyable. AirVape Xs is not complicated at all; newbies will get good results right away. The glass mouthpiece on the top of the vaporizer pulls easily from the oven chamber for dry herbs. Just pack the chamber with finely ground herb, tap it down, push back the mouthpiece and turn on the unit. Set your temperature by using the up and down arrows. It is recommended that you start from 355 F and work your way up if at all you need more vapor. Once the device heats up, which only takes 30 seconds, you can just begin taking draws from it. The session will last for about ten minutes with 3 or 5 minutes auto shut-off. 

Performance and Quality

The AirVape Xs features a ceramic oven that is not similar from its original the Airvape or any other vaporizer. Not only does it deliver even heating of the herbs but also helps the flavor to be pleasant and clean. Its mouthpiece has a cool screen system that channels the vapor through a certain path, preventing it from going into your mouth straight from the oven. This makes the vapor more comfortable and cooler compared to other cheaper devices that don’t have something like this built-in. Setting a low temperature will give you a smoother and better tasting vapor, but you will not get as much vapor. If you are among the people who likes big clouds, you will have to set the heat at or above 380 F. However, the biggest disadvantage that is in almost all vaporizers is that when rising the temperatures it tampers with the smoothness. 

Vibration Alert 

This is probably one of the best features in AirVape Xs. The vaporizer vibrates when it’s ready to vape. We believe it does make the vaping experience a little bit better. You’ll feel the vape vibrate when you turn it on, and when it shuts off after the timer. Also, you will feel the vibration when it reaches the set temperature. This will help you not to be left hanging with a vape that is not even and not realize it.

Auto Shut-off Time

Another incredible feature about this unit is the automatic shut-off timer. Every other time you turn the vape on, there is an automatic timer that starts after three minutes. You can actually adjust this from three to five minutes just by pressing the up and down button until it changes. 

Buying AirVape Xs

AirVape Xs is a small, light-weight and good looking; it heats super-fast, and above all it’s supper-efficient. If you are out there looking for a good portable device that has a great design, you will be very satisfied with AirVape Xs. Its price is above average compared to other vapes in its category. The number of improvements made in this new version is incredible.