AirVape Legacy Vaporizer

Apollo AirVape

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  • Removable 18650 3600mAh Legacy battery 

  • Precise temperature control with a range of 200F to 400F 

  • Ceramic mouthpiece 

  • Wireless charging along with the normal USB-C Fast charging 

  • Gold plated heating chamber 

  • Removable air path 

  • Vibration signal 

  • Can be used for both loose leaf and oil concentrates 

  • Sensor technology 

The new AirVape Legacy is a portable vaporizer and exquisite new addition to the famous Apollo series. This new device features an environmentally friendly hemp textile and non-animal-based leather casing with an optimal grip. This makes the design unique to other vaporizers in the market. Additionally, this device comes with a gold-plated heating chamber, a feature that is unique to the AirVape Legacy vaporizer as it is not very common with many vaporizers. The chamber can be used for both herbal and wax or oil concentrates. Another unique feature of the gold-plated heating chamber is the fact that it uses an on-demand convection heating mechanism and has an optional removable gold-plated basket for micro-dosingPowered by a removable 3600mAh Legacy battery, this vaporizer heats up fast (within 15 seconds) and automatically shuts off after 30 seconds of inactivity. The battery charges via a fast-charging USB-C cable as well as wireless charging. Measuring 4.69 inches tall, the AirVape Legacy portable vaporizer exhibits a unique design with a non-animal leather and hemp textile casing 


After going through the heating process in the gold-plated heating chamber, the hot vapor then passes through a glass air path, which can be removed and cleaned regularly. This ensures that you can always get the best out of your flavors with every use. The ceramic mouthpiece ensures that you have a unique vaping experience as it cools the vape down before you inhale it. It has three control buttons for regulating your vape temperature and dosing for the best vaping experience. 


With the battery lasting a record 1.5 hours, do not be fooled by the small size of this vaporizer as its performance leaves much to admire. This makes it one of the most portable and powerful vaporizers in the market. The 3600mAh powerful battery gives you optimal performance and longevity of use at the same time, something that most vaporizers in the market compromise on. 


This version of the Apollo vaporizer takes an environmentally friendly approach not only in its design but also in the packaging, which is made of recyclable paper. This makes it ideal for people who are environmental enthusiasts but also want to enjoy unique packaging and product representation for their vaporizers. 


Product specifications 

  • Manufacturer: Apollo (AirVape) 

  • Size: 11.9 × 5.2 × 2.1cm 

  • Type: Vaporizer 

  • Battery life: 1.5 hours 

  • Removable battery: Yes 

  • Charging cable: USB-C 

  • Wireless charging: Yes 

  • Country of origin: USA 

  • Temperature range: 200°F - 400°F 

  • Heat up time: 15 seconds 

  • Warranty: Limited lifetime warranty 


What is in the package 

  • AirVape Legacy 

  • 1 Gold plated basket for micro-dosing 

  • USB-C charging cable 

  • Cleaning and loading kit 

  • Replacement filler screens 

  • 18650 3600mAh Legacy battery 

  • Concentrate pad insert 

  • User manual