Vaporite Tantric Vaporizer

Vaporite Tantric Vaporizer


There's no worries about having multiple vaporizers anymore when you own the Vaporite Tantric, you have a vaporizer that can do everything. Put away the waxes pens, herbal pens and make room for the Vaporite Tantric a box mod that acts as if it is a portable vaporizer. It is designed specifically for increase vapor quality and highly potent vapor with the capabilities of vaporizing herbal materials.

Vaporite Tantric Advanced Versatility
The Vaporite Tantric is a sole box mod and has 3 different attachments making the Tantric specifically designed for herbs, concentrates and oils. The Powerful battery with the Tantric can custom control the amount of up to 30 watts output and .3ohms coil resistance making it compatible with any type of atomizer. The Vaporite Tantric has the capabilities of controlling the temperature to over 440°F with the fact it includes an inbuilt chamber for dry herbs that has baking technology to fully vaporize the herbs without any hot spots or combustion, you will get an even vaping session any time any where. The 510 threading with the support of .3ohms makes it compatible with other concentrate tanks and oil tanks making the Vaporite Tantric, one of the most versatile vaporizer currently out on the market.

Vaporite Tantric Design
The Vaporite Tantric box mod is built out of high-grade stainless steel and uses a pyrex glass mouthpiece with the inbuilt herbal chamber. The Tantric is only 1.25 x 5.25 x 3 in. which allows you to easily fit it in your pocket and use it on the go with the large herbal chamber, you can store over .5 grams of materials and vape for over 25 pulls and the strong battery will last you over 1.5 hours of continous use. Keep in mind this is if you max out the Tantric's battery outputting 30 watts and drilling the power all the way up to Upto 440°F. When you unscrew the battery, you will notice the 510 threading between the battery and the atomizer, 510 threading makes it a highly versatile vaporizer being able to support many other atomizers. At the bottom of the Tantric is the micro-USB charging port that takes 2.5 hours to fully charge the large battery.

Vaporite Tantric's Advanced Features

Tantric's Sub-OHM Output
Handling resistance from the battery to the atomizer is very important to have a gauge and specific battery and atomizer that can handle the amount of ohms being delivered up to the atomizer. Ohms is simply a metric to show the amount of energy power current running to the atomizer. If you have one that can't support sheer power, the coil will burn out rendering the atomizer to be useless and won't work properly as it would be burned out. Fortunately for the Vaporite Tantric, it can support up to .3ohms which gives you the versatility in mind to be able to support e-liquids, dry blends and concentrates as you can max out the output of over 30 watts of power going from the battery to the atomizer which will help customize the vaping experience.

Vaporite Tantric's Different Modes

Herbal Mode For The Vaporite Tantric
Vaping your herbs is one of the most sought out experiences vaping enthusiasts enjoy. When you can vaporize your herbs with the controlled OLED screen being controlled with the specific temperature you desire using a certain type of herbal substance, the custom temperature settings do its job here when you want purified vapor and a quality vaping experience with no combustion at all. Glass mouthpiece ensures you aren't vaping with any metal components in the way so you get the highest quality of vaporization.

Vaporite Tantric Wax & Oil Mode
All you have to do is attach the 510 threaded tank or you can buy a pre-filled cartridge and screw it on to the Tantric's battery threading to enjoy your waxes at a more advanced level with the best quality vaporization when you can control you wattage and the temperature type. Enjoy low heating setting for the most flavorful taste or you can turn it up and juice it with the wattage with high temperatures for massive vape clouds you see on Youtube, you can make this happen with the advanced battery power the Tantric carries.

When you're buying an advanced box mod that finally concentrates on herbs, it is the Vaporite Tantric that will be there for you. With all the massive features that it comes with, you can finally enjoy an advanced level of vaporization using the Tantrics massive features. The durable stainless steel brush colored design with the fact it has pyrex glass mouthpiece and inbuilt herbal chamber makes the Tantric a hot commodity. Changing the wattage for the advanced use of high density vapor clouds and screwing on a custom atomizer since the battery is 510 threaded is completely versatile and the sky-is-the-limit with the Vaporite Tantric, it is your all-in-one vaporizer to own and complete all the vaping tasks you need at another level.

Accessories (Included):

  • 1 x Glass Mouthpiece
  • 2 x Ceramic Screens
  • 1 x USB Charger