Pax 3 Vaporizer

pax 3 portable vaporizer for sale


Pax Labs, the company behind the manufacturing of Pax brand of vaporizers, is known for the quality innovation that is found on its line of products. The Pax Era and the Pax 3 are the latest installations of wax and herb vaporizers . The exterior look of Pax 3 vaporizer hasn't changed much. However, it is the interior that brings out all the difference between this unit and the predecessors. Using it just got a little smarter, smoother, and much more convenient. And those are some of the reasons why the gadget has been described as one of the finest vaporizers that you can buy on the market today.

Pax 3 Dual Function

Pax 3 may have many similarities to its predecessors, however, what makes it unique is its redesign which has many innovative features and upgrades to the gadget’s hardware. The new additions include a shortened heat up time which only takes less than fifteen seconds. Not only is it a dual purpose vaporizer but it also includes the option of using concentrate over an insert. Using Pax 3 for dry herb is an enjoyable experience as any smoking session is taken to the next level, and perhaps that is why this gadget just made the world of smoking to be just better. The vaporizer also has a lip sensing technology, and this means that the vaporizer use can be personalized to fit individual tastes.

It has an exterior finish that features smooth polished mirror aluminum, and this ensures comfort on the hands whenever this device is being used. There are four color options available (Gold, Silver, Black and Rose-Gold), and this is a great aspect for anyone who might be cautious regarding colors of objects. The original Pax 3 pack has everything that must be present for comfort while using this vaporizer. There are a standard chamber cover plus a flat mouthpiece that are placed next to a magnetic charger. 

The magnetic charger is super convenient when it comes to filling herbal vape with the appropriate units of power that is required to operate it. Also, present in the box is a multi-purpose tool that can be used for emptying and packing the oven. One thing that can’t miss in any gadget is the manual guide, and this is meant to carry a set of instructions and device information that enables it to be used easily. On the maintenance kit is pipe cleaners, and a brush that can be used to keep the vape in its top shape by having a clean air path. 


This portable device has three different lids, and these can serve different intentions depending on the direction taken by the vaporizer user. It has a heating chamber at its bottom, and this is often referred as the oven by many users. There are three options regarding the closing lid for the chamber, two lids being used for dry herb and the other for concentrates. 

The two lids for dry herb are either half-oven or full oven. The “half” or “full” classification arises based on the thickness that the vaporizer insert has to cover. Half ovens are known for their exceptional performance even if just a little dry material is used. The third oven lid is reserved to be used for concentrates. It has a canister that holds the concentrate and its bottom is a little thicker if compared to the two lids for dry herb. Concentrate lid can stick out a little bit and does not sit flush with the vape.

The canister of the concentrate lid does open up, and the resulting space is where your wax should end up. Caution should be taken at all times not to allow any concentrate or wax to get into the two air paths, and instead, wax should only be placed in between the two tiny holes. After activation button for as little as two seconds, and enter the control mode for the temperature. You can click through the displayed four pre-set levels, and select your preferred temperature by having a click at the power button once more. this, the canister should be closed, and the insert placed inside the oven to allow the heating process to take place. 


Pax 3 vaporizer has an activation button that is placed on top of the gadget exactly at the mouthpiece center. To turn the vaporizer on a single press of the activation button will be enough to start the heating process. If you want to change the vaporizer temperature setting, hold the 

Checking the battery level is very simplistic as all you need to do is to shake the device. One LED light is an indication of a low battery level whole 4 LED lights mean that the vaporizer is fully charged. A fully charged  device can last for 5-7 sessions before the juice runs out. The LED lights will glow with a purple color when the vaporizer is heating up, and show some green when the gadget is ready for giving out some vapor. To switch off, one simple click on the power button is enough. 

Pax Smartphone App

The app allows for precise and concise control of the vaporizer temperatures as well as unlocking the heating profiles and some unique features. The app is available for free download both on Android and iOS platforms. Anybody with the intent of boosting the flavor, stealth, and efficiency should look forward to having the app as these are some of the reasons why it is developed.


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