Haze Square Vaporizer

haze square vaporizer
10 Year Warranty





The Haze Square vaporizer is an on demand type of vaporizer that has 4 chambers and can vaporizer oils, waxes, herbs and concentrates. With two different mouthpieces you can pull them out and choose which one to use from metal to glass you can vaporize any type of substance. the mouthpiece plugs right into the heating chamber. The Haze square allows you to turn the square and select out of 4 different chambers on which type of substance you want to vaporize with a quick turn of the switch, it'll hover over the convection heating element so you have a specifically selected temperature. The Haze Square has a powerful 2600mah battery capable of having a full charge for over 2 hours. The lighting feedback and heptic feedback allow you to tell how many pulls you have left. There are 4 different types of temperatures you can select. 365 , 380 , 390 , are the temperatures. You simply push the button and get instant vaporization.

Haze Square Performance
The Haze vaporizer features on demand and pure convection vaping technology. It only takes 6 seconds to get the vaporization to its optimal temperature from the powerful 2600mAH battery delivering its blow to the heating element to get quick vapor. The coil can be replaced through the small door on the side of the unit when you need a new heating element. The independent chambers allow you to select which type of chamber you actually want to use. The greatest part with the Haze Square, you can load all 4 chambers and bring it out on the go and select the chamber you r want to use and get instant vapor when you press the heating button.

Haze Square Design
The Haze Square is a light alumnum vaporizer with a small, squared compact design allowing you to easily fit it inside your pocket. The canisters are made of stainless steel with a silicon gasket to create the air-tight seal so no vapor will leak out. The 4 canister can be pre-packed and you can use the vaporizer on the go whenever you need to select the specific type of chamber. The air-path is complete isolated air-path so you can get the best quality and greatest tasting vapor without inhaling any type of carcinogens. There's black and silver anodized finish colors so you have two options of the color type you want to get.

Overall Of The Haze Square
The Haze Square hasn't been released yet, we will be the first to feature this vaporizer for sale and it will be one of the best quality vaporizers ever made. With the 4 different loading chambers you can pre-set, select and hover the selection to snap it in place with the convection heating chamber. The compact build is durable aluminum grade alloy finish and will be easy to store in your pocket, preload the substance and vaporize your materials as you wish. This is going to be the ultimate portable vaporizer to hit the market. The Haptic system will allow you to know how many pulls you have left, the flash system will notify you when you;'ve hit the optimal temperature and will let you know when you need to charge the 2600mah battery which connects to a Micro-USB charger.