DipStick Vaporizer

DipStick Vaporizer


DipStick Vaporizer is the most unique and versatile vaporizer in the world. This vaporizer is perfect for vaping your wax concentrates. It makes it very easy and simple to vape your waxes and concentrates. This vaporizer makes it easy for you to vape your waxes without ever having to do any type of work. Since you just have to put the concentrates right into its own steaming area, you have the advantage of not actually having to load your concentrates, instead, you put the solution near the steam and it will suck up right into the steam and load right into the heating element to be able to effectively vaporize your waxes. This is an innovative device which enables you to be able to dab and go. A comfortable solution that lets you enjoy your vaping when you need a mess-free vaporizer to give you the ultimate vaping experience. It is a unique vaping system and the first ever portable vape pen system which doesn't need an E-nail, torch or anything. The heating element gets hot enough to where it will suck up and vaporize all your waxes like a vacuum cleaner.


DipStik Design

The DipStick is a vaporizer that is the perfect hassle-free vaporizer that Please make us a binding offer for the following deliveries. The DipStick has heat-safe Poly-carbonate material which gives you the most confidence to have when you use a vaporizer. The amount of knowledge, research and creation for a quality portable vaporizer has made it for the DipStick can be one of the best types of vaporizers in the world. It is the most interesting vaporizer and the design of the Dipstick goes perfect with the type of individuals and consumers that will be dabbing with the dipstick. The DipStick uses magnetic pieces, changing and connecting things is a whole lot easier than any other ordinary vaporizer. This elegant vaporizer is the most class and best type of vaporizer to have. The DipStick uses a ceramic chamber for you to have the best vaporization using an all glass heating element. The DipStick is perfect and will fit in your pocket to be able to travel anywhere you go as the dimensions are 2.5 x 4.5 x 7.5 in.Which is the perfect size to be able to use and put inside your pocket to use while you're on the go with the stealth design .

How Does The DipStick Work??
The DipStick is self-explanatory, it is very simple, any type of concentrate material will be able to get vaporized using the DipStick when you want to put it up to the bottom part where the heating element is. Once the nickel-plated chrome coil ceramic tip has been activated, it will bring maximum heat instantly as the tip will appear to be red hot. You simply insert into the glass container and it should contain your favorite concentrate. The DipStick's mouthpiece will be at the bottom, you inhale through a ceramic tip that will heat your wax. It delivers a unique method that you inhale and have the ultimate control on how much vapor you want produced. This is one of the most interesting vaporizers to encounter and is now becoming one of the most popular vaporizers.

Batteries For The DipStick
The DipStick uses two ICR10440 powerful batteries that have energy capacity of 320mAH. There's an output where the voltage is as it can go up to 3.7 volts. Replacing the batteries is an easy and simple thing. To replace the batteries all you have to do is remove the magnetic mouthpiece and unscrew the battery cap to put the batteries in. Once the batteries have been replaced you put the mouthpiece back on which is an easy way to be done quickly with replacing the batteries. You should have extended vaping sessions of over 4 hours before you have to charge the batteries.

The DipStick is the most unique vaporizer in the world. It uses magnetic parts that attach to the entire vaporizer. The DipStick only weighs 93 grams and is only 6 inches long making it the perfect size to be able to use and travel with. It takes 5 clicks to turn on the battery, once the battery is activated, it is instant heat. There's a 10 second auto shut-down mode if you hold the vaporize power button for over 10 seconds or longer which gives you plenty of time to take a massive 8 second pull which is a huge pull. The standard pull length on average is only 5 seconds as you may think 10 seconds isn't long enough, it is! There's a port that you can hang the vaporizer around your neck if you care to carry it around like that. As this Is a very easy-to-use vaporizer and it gives you big draws, dip the coil into your dab, there's a container you can use to be able to put your waxes or concentrates so you can quickly and easily vaporize your waxes, concentrates or oils. As far as uniqueness, this is by far one of the most interesting vaporizers to ever own. You get a 3 year warranty when you buy the DipStick vaporizer.

Accessories (Included):
2 x Vapor Tips
2 x 10440 Batteries
1 x Dual Battery Charger
2 x Glass Concentrate Jars
1 x Magnetic Cap
1 x Dab Tool
1 x Cleaning Kit
1 x Lanyard
1 x Screwdriver
1 x Instruction Manual

Compact & Portable
Ceramic Heating Tip
Easy to Clean & Maintain
NIckel-Plated Chrome Coil
Rechargeable/Replaceable Batteries
Removable Stainless Steel Vapor Path
Supports Solid Concentrates & Waxy Oils
Construed From Surgical/Food-Grade Materials