Top 3 Herbal Vape Friendly U.S. Destinations

Top 3 Herbal Vape Friendly U.S. Destinations

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 19th Jul 2017

Summer is in full swing and if you have the vacation time, this would be an ideal time for packing your herbal vaporizer and set off for some relaxing road time along with a fun vacation spot.

Here are a few ideas for some vape-friendly spots:

Herbal Vape Destination #1: Daytona Beach

Why go there during spring break? That is when hordes of college students descend on the place, and then it's crowded and busy. During the summer, the beach settles down to a dull roar of just normal summer tourists. In addition, the beach is in the open air, the perfect relaxing vape spot. Sunsets are overrated; greet the dawn at the beach like the Zen vaping Master you are! Dispense wisdom between puffs to the wet-suited surfer crowd. Be their guru.

Herbal Vape Destination #2: The Colorado Rockies

Nothing says, "road trip" or “high” like driving up to the Continental Divide. You can see those looming, magnificent peaks from miles away as you wind your way up along scenic highways. Colorado, as we're sure you've heard lately, is a smoke-friendly spot in many more ways than one. So not only are there many herbal choices locally, but actual vape bars are beginning to pop up there. They don't particularly care what your inhalant of choice is, either. Still, how can you own a vape and not say you've been to a vape bar at least once? After dark, hike up the nearest mountain and bring your vape kit and guitar to camp out and watch the Milky Way fly by.

Herbal Vape Destination #3: Black Rock Desert, Nevada

You might be stumped at this choice. Let's give you a hint: Think late summer, towards Labor Day. That's right, it's the Burning Man Arts Festival! The annual festival generally gravitates around the beginning of September, and the setup starts in late August anyway. The perfect place for the road-vape mentality, since the rules say to pack out what you bring in; and what could be more environmentally friendly than vape kits? No messy butts littering the landscape. Quite a vaping culture is springing up around the high-arts crowd that gravitates to Burning Man, and it's a rare cultural treat besides.

Don't pass up on the experience at these awesome vaping friendly spots.