The Growing Trend of Vape Pen Usage

The Growing Trend of Vape Pen Usage

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 6th Nov 2017

Herbal vaping has truly increased in popularity. You may be surprised to learn that vaporizers have been around for centuries. They have become a popular phenomenon now because of the increasing popularity of the oil and wax concentrates we can use with them. A vaporizer that's becoming extremely popular and an exciting trend is the vape pen.

There are many benefits to using a vape pen, which may explain the growing trend in its popularity. Its number one benefit has been shown to be the fact that it is a better alternative than the traditional way of smoking. When you "vape,” as it is referred to, the vape pen only heats up a fraction of what a traditional cigarette does. This reduces the amount of toxins and residue that is released into the lungs when compared to the traditional cigarette.

Another benefit of the vape pen is the fact that it’s extremely portable. Due to its size, it can easily be carried in your pocket or a small purse. They come in many designs as well. With their small size and portability, the user’s able to take them anywhere they choose. When the user exhales the vapor it’s virtually odorless, which makes it very user-friendly and there’s also no danger of bothering others with secondhand smoke issues, which offends many nonsmokers and people when in crowded spaces.

If you are budget conscious, you will love the next benefit of the vape pen. It is very economical due to the fact that once you purchase it, the only other purchase you’ll have to make is the oils, concentrates, or herbs you purchase to use with it. It can be used over and over again as long as you follow the care instructions and clean it on a regular basis.

The vape pen is designed to be used specifically with dry herbs or with waxes and oils. How do you determine which vape pen is best for you? There are a few things to consider. The first is the price. They range in price depending on your preferences. Remember, it’s a one-time purchase, but it comes down to personal choice as to how much you would like to spend. The next thing to consider is what type of vapor you would like to burn. Some vape pens work only with dry herbs and others work only with waxes and oils. There are others that can work with all three. It once again comes down to personal choice.

It is clear from the health benefits, portability benefit, sleek design and its budget friendly facts for why the vape pen has grown in popularity.