Please Remember to Dab Responsibly!

Please Remember to Dab Responsibly!

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 31st May 2017

Nowadays, there's a more concentrated form of cannabis available called dabs. Dabs are produced by extracting the hash oil from the already processed hashish. This gives it a higher THC content than any other form of cannabis. In fact, dabs can contain over 90% THC. This is contrasted to a THC content of around 20% for high quality cannabis buds. The higher THC content can produce much stronger psychoactive effects than cannabis buds. Of course, this can lead to a great experience, if you're responsible. Although extremely high doses of THC aren't physically dangerous or harmful, the effects of consuming a large quantity of dabs can be a bit disorienting. Also, over consumption of dabs may lead to there being an undercurrent of paranoia and anxiety to the experience. 

While it's possible to over-consume any cannabis product, it can be easier over-consume dabs due to their high potency. When dabbing, it's a wise move to use a small amount of the material first. Wait a little while before deciding to vape more of the dab product. This'll give you a chance to see how the dab product is effecting you. If you do decide to consume more, do so responsibly. Continue to gauge how it's effecting you rather than consuming a large quantity all at once. It's also a good idea to be in a familiar and comfortable setting if you're not experienced with dabs.

It's also very important to never operate a motor vehicle while under the influence of dabs or any cannabis product. Not only is it illegal to drive under the influence, but it is also putting yourself and others at risk. Cannabis can slow reaction time and lead to sensory distortions that can be dangerous when behind the wheel. Furthermore, driving while under the influence of dabs or any cannabis products can result in legal consequences that can cause problems that can affect one's quality of life and reputation.

Dabs are extremely potent, and this means that they can produce very interesting experiences. Vaping dabs can enhance the experience, because you get more of the THC content from vaping than you do from smoking. However, dabs also require an extra level of caution. They're best consumed responsibly by those who are already somewhat experienced with cannabis. When consumed irresponsibly or by first timers, they can produce uncomfortable experiences for the consumer.