Grind Those Herbs Right

Grind Those Herbs Right

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 7th Nov 2017

Herbs are one of the indigenous medicinal products that have been treasured for a long time now. If you often take herbs, then you know how difficult it can be to have them at times. It is, therefore, the wish of everyone taking herbs to utilize them fully. To get the best out of your herbs, you need to figure out the best method to consume them. There are various ways of ensuring you fully utilize your herbs. Below is an illustration of two of them.

Herbal Vaping
Aromatherapy had been in use for an extended period. This method involved heating and smoking of herbs to inhale the aroma. The aroma was used to relieve some ailments such as flu and common cold. The technique, however, paused some dangerous risks.

Today’s technology has led to the discovery of the handheld and desktop vaporizer, which allows you to enjoy the benefits of this aroma without fear.

Desktop vaporizers, portable vaporizers, and vape pens are the modern, convenient ways of enjoying your herbs. Vape pens are however tiny, and you might not be able to use your desired number of herbs. Handheld models are the most preferred because they can be moved around with ease. They also allow you to vaporize a substantial amount of your preferred herb.

Herb Grinding
There are different grinders out there, and choosing a good one is an integral part of accomplishing your goal. Grinders are made from many materials like plastic, metal, and wood. You should, however, avoid plastic ones. They are very toxic to you since particles can easily mix with your herbs.

Using Herb Grinders
Herb grinders are excellent in bringing out the best test of your herbs that no other device can do. Herb grinders come in different shapes and sizes. Their casings are as well different. There are two types of grinders, namely 2-piece grinders and 3-4 piece grinders. Below is an explanation of how to use each of them

2-piece grinder
• Place your herbs in the grinder, close it and then twist 5 to 10 times. Shake gently for some seconds.
• Rest the bottom rounded part of your grinder on your hands and then open gently.
• You can then pour your contents into your preferred container. Gently tap the bottom of your grinder to empty the contents.
• If there are still contents remaining, close it and twist in both directions then try emptying the contents again.

3 and 4-piece grinders

• Remove the lid of the first section and place your herbs onto the teeth in a circle at the middle part of the center and outer edge.
• Rotate the lid in each direction for some turns depending on how hard your herbs are.
• Check under the lead to confirm that your herbs have made it to the next section.
• Shake your grinder sideways before opening it to make sure the herbs don’t spill after opening
• Unscrew the main compartment, and there you have your perfectly ground herbs

Aluminum grinders are so far, the best to settle in the market. Since they are made of metal alloy, they are durable and can last for a more extended period. Despite their benefits, aluminum grinders also have their fair share of trouble. Aluminum can be quite harmful when it ingested. Continuous consumption of aluminum can also cause diseases. Ensure your aluminum grinder’s adequately scrubbed before using after you’ve bought it.