Dry Hits Do Happen in The World of Herbal Vaping

Dry Hits Do Happen in The World of Herbal Vaping

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 19th Jul 2017

The bottom line is that dry hits are always going to be more authentic. There is no way around it, and there is no way for you to make them feel any other way. All the work in the world isn't going to make the herbal taste or feel as authentic as dry herb vaping, but you need to be mentally prepared for dry herbs because they can be strong. Just learning about them first might be helpful so that you don't get too much of a good thin

The vaporizer you use, albeit it portable or even desktop, is going to determine how much potency or strengh you get out of your dry herbs. A super hot device is going to burn them off fast, and you might even get a little bit of smoke in there with the herbs themselves. Smoke normally not a good thing in dry herb vaping, you don't need to have super hot heat to get a nice and authentic feeling from the herbs, and it's normally much more private at lower temperatures. But we get it, you're hopefully dry vaping in the first place because you want it to feel real like experience without compromising your health.

Just for a second here, when it comes to vaporizers that vape liquids or oils, there are always going to seem a little off because they are a bit different then using fire and smoking pipe. Your brain's hardwired to know that you are vaping off a liquid because you can tell the actuality of a liquid versus a herb that isn't burning. Now, people have been burning herbs for thousands of years, and you have thousands of years of evolution in your body telling you the herbs need to burn to get the best hit possible.

A dry hit from your herbs are going to wake you up so fast that you will not know what hit you. You could give up the morning shower in favor of a dry herb hit that you could get every morning, and you might even want to consider using these dry herbs as medicine. This method may effect you at a faster rate than any medicinally availible method, and they can help you feel instantly different. Still take a shower though, showering is amazing.

Again, you need to have the right kind of vaporizer so that you are not burning them too hot or cold, but you can be sure that you are going to get an amazing hit from your herbs when you get it right. We do our best to stock dry herb vaporizers that give you a great experience. They will wake you up, make you feel better, and give you that authentic flavor that you have been looking for in your dry herbal vaping routine.