Dry Herbs: Paper or Plastic?

Dry Herbs: Paper or Plastic?

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 2nd Jan 2018

As the march for legalizing marijuana in all 50 states draws closer to becoming a reality, the world of vaping has found a cleaner, safer way of using medical marijuana. Recently, manufacturers have found ways to make vaping cheaper and have better performance. Now, they've come forth with a dry herb vape pen! As you transition from using joints, blunts or bongs to this method of vaping, you'll experience the satisfaction of saving over 8 grams an ounce and inhaling pure, clean tasting herb vapor without the smoke, which will improve your cardiovascular system. 

There are many methods to preserve your herbs. A common question asked is if paper or plastic is best for storing your cannabis. Both are used, but paper bags are more effective than plastic. A process that involves using both is by laying out your herbs inside of a brown paper bag around 7-8 hours. Afterwards, remove them from the bag and place them in a plastic bag between 6-8 hours. Switch between the paper bag at the end of each time limit while lessening the time it takes you to put the herbs in the bag. This process will distribute the moisture evenly throughout the herb. 

A useful tip to speed the process is to grind your herbs. Grinding the herbs transfers heat more efficiently and can also help you produce thicker vapor clouds. 

Another tip is to not freeze your cannabis in a plastic bag. The trichomes from the cannabis buds act as little icicles that get stiff and brittle which falls off and breaks in the buds. Plastic bags also cause static that'll attract the resin glands. You need those glands intact if you want higher potency. If you decide to use plastic bags, use small quantities.

With marijuana becoming more accepted, new research and medical facilities will turn to medical cannabis for medication and with it, new technology breakthroughs to make it cleaner and safer for those who need it and new methods of storing and prepping the dry herbs.