3 Quick Herbal Vaping Myths Debunked

3 Quick Herbal Vaping Myths Debunked

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 9th Apr 2017

There are many myths that I'm sure most of you vapers out there have been hearing about as it pertains to using herbal vaporizers and herbal vaping in general. With a wide array of options for dry herb consumption, especially here at Vaporizer Chief  it is no wonder people can get the facts mixed up. With that said, here are 3 myths when it comes vaping dry herbs that will be quickly debunked here today.

Herbal Vaping Myth #1: Second-hand Vapor From Herbs is Toxic!
This is false. People often assume that second-hand vapor is much like second-hand smoke, but it is quite opposite. A vaporizer, whether it be portablepen-style, or even desktop, heats up your dry herbs to a precise temperature that releases the active ingredients of your herb without igniting it. The vapor that you exhale is nothing more than evaporated molecules, which dissipate into the air at a faster pace than exhaled smoke.

Myth #2: Herbal Vaping is Just as Dangerous as Smoking!

This is false. Vaping is 10x less harmful than direct smoke inhalation of dry herbs. Although vaping can still consist of less than 5% of the carcinogens that are found in smoking herbs, it is far less likely to cause upper respiratory infections such as bronchitis. Without the needed use of rolling papers, manmade chemicals or combustion, vaping is a far better choice for dry herb inhalation. Since you are not inhaling smoke, you are not inhaling all those toxic carcinogens and tar found in smoke.

Myth #3: You Will Waste A Lot of Your Herb Using a Vaporizer!
This is false. Using a vaporizer requires you to use less herb input while giving you the maximum beneficial intake. On average, vaporizers can convert twice the active ingredients of your herb than smoking. Plus, when vaping your herb, you can use the leftovers to consume in other ways, such as using them for cooking, tinctures, and oils.

As we have briefly explained here today, don’t believe everything you hear. When it comes to herbal vaping, do your research and try different types of herbs and vaporizers, and then you can make your judgments when it comes to herbal vaping.