​ Best Pen Vaporizers For Weed Under $100

Posted by Vaporizer Chief on 1st Oct 2016

The majority of the vape pens available are designed to be used with either e-liquids or concentrates. If you are looking to buy a dry herb vape pen, unfortunately the choices are still pretty limited.There are plenty of products that utilize a coil heating system that will burn your material, such as as the Snoop Dogg G pen.

These kind of pens shouldn’t even be called vape pens because they cause combustion and do not provide the health benefits that come along with vaping. Luckily as the vaporizer market has been rapidly evolving over the last few years, we’ve seen the release of some pen-style units that function as true vaporizers.

Before we list our top choices (in no particular order), please keep in mind these selections are being made based on those looking for an affordable, discreet pen-styled vape that functions properly.There are other portable herbal vaporizers priced under $100 that are great options but are not pen-shaped and in resemblance of an E-cig.

Our Top Choices

QuickDraw 300 DLX

One of our top favorite weed vape pens is the Quickdraw 300DLX priced at $99.95. This unit is great choice for anyone, whether you are beginner looking for a first vape or an experienced user. The 300DLX has a very slick design while still being light-weight and discreet. This herb vape pen can easily fit in your pocket and be carried with you just about anywhere. More importantly, it utilizes a coil-less heating chamber that warms your herbs without burning it.For such a small device, it produces impressive hits full of quality vapor. As an added bonus, this vape pen utilizes a smart cartridge system that allow it to be used with both e-liquid and concentrates.This makes it a great 3 in 1 combo device.

Atmos Jump

Another one of the best weed pens under $100 is the Atmos Jump. Retailing at only $59.95, the Jump is the most affordable quality dry herb vape pen that you’ll find. As far as dimensions go, it's shorter in length to the DLX300 but has a more width to it (we consider them both to pretty discreet).

The Jump also utilizes an anodized heating chamber that produces pretty decent vapor with no risk of combustion.One drawback is that this heating chamber is fairly small, making the Jump is best for personal and on the go use. This is not a unit we would recommend for group use. What it lacks in loading capacity, this herbal pen makes up for in battery life. It’s powered by a 1200mAh battery that is performs very well and capable of lasting longer then most other portable vaporizers. Overall, this unit has the make and feel of this along with it's vapor production is highly impressive for such a good price.

To learn more, read our full review of the Atmos Jump.

Atmos Boss

The Atmos Boss makes our list due to being the first true dry herb pen to properly vaporize with no burning. Being released in 2014, it was one of the true innovations in the industry. This device originally retailed at over $150 and can now be purchased for under $100, making it still one of the best options to consider.