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Atmos astra


*The Atmos Astra is no longer being manufactured and has been replaced with a new version called the Atmos Pillar*


The Atmos Astra is a very popular portable vaporizer that uses 5 different types of heating levels to where you can precisely set the temperature heating setting to the level your herbs are most compatible with. The havy duty anti-scratch anodized stainless steel design ensures you have the most durable type of compact design to where the vaporizer can fit directly into your pocket without any hassle. The Astra uses a ceramic heating chamber,an all glass-on-glass vaping path letting you know you get the best vapor purity with no factor or metallic flavor to alter the taste preserve your experience to one completely great vaping session. The Atmos Astra stands at 6 inches tall and 2" in diameter. It has an extra large herbal chamber to where you can fit your herbs easily inside by popping off the mouthpiece. If you need a popular, great working portable vaporizer, the Astra is your perfect vaporizer.

Atmos Astra Durable Design
The Astra comes as a complete and durable stainless steel build. It is 8 ounces in weight and stands 6.5" tall with .94 in diameter and an extra large mouthpiece it makes it easy for you to load your herbs. The mouthpiece is made out of rubber and no plastic as plastic tends to melt at very high heating levels. On the outside of the Astra are the LED lights, there's 5 levels and it takes the pressing of the button for you to switch it to a different heating level. Inside the Astra the air path and chamber are made out of ceramic glass. The mouthpiece has stainless steel and is a screen that prevents any debris from being inhaled. The Astra is a fitting design for you to comfortable handle your vaporizer and to use it on a go. On the sides of the chamber is 6 holes at the top and the bottom of the chamber there's 20 air-holes which provides a turbulent air-flow vaporization giving you more vaping air-pressure and less resistance to be able to inhale and draw out larger vapor clouds.

Atmos Astra Battery Power
The Atmos Astra uses a powerful lithium ion 2000mAH battery that gives you a full single charge to last over 60 minutes of continuous use. It takes only 45 minutes to fully charge the battery. The lithium AA batteries are completely removable and rechargeable as you can remove it and replace it with an additional battery to constantly enjoy your vaping session without any down time. When you charge the battery, use a micro-USB charger that you can plug into any outlet making it more convenient to do as previous dry herb vaporizer Atmos version used a 510 threading to attach the battery to and a USB on the other. This simple vaporizer battery makes it an easy and seamless task to charging your battery quickly. The battery is going to last you over 60 minutes at the highest session and takes 45 minutes to fully charge.

Atmos Astra Performance
When you're needing to use the Atmos Astra you take the mouthpiece and remove it to fill in your finely ground herbs inside. The herbal chamber will allow you to fill around .6 grams of materials. You unlock the auto-lock safety feature by pressing the button 5 times quickly and select 1 out of 5 temperature settings that have heating levels of 356F, 374F, 392F, 410F & 428F to select a range that will be compatible to perfectly vape the entire herbal chamber without leaving any sort of hot spots. The indicator lights will also display in different colors when you're selecting the heating level. The indicator lights will also display to you the battery level by green being full, blue half full and red meaning it needs to be charged. With a full chamber you will get around 15 quality pulls with the vaping session that will last around 4 minutes before you have to shut it off. If 4 minutes isn't enough, simply press the power button quickly 5 times to unlock and turn on the battery as the herbal chamber will still stay at the optimal heating level you previously had it at.

The Atmos Astra is one of the greatest portable herbal vaporizers to own. It only takes 45 seconds to fully reach optimal temperatures with the powerful lithium ion 2000maH batteries you will get the best vaporization experience using a portable vaporizer that utilizes glass-on-glass. Without any metals, you won't have a metalic taste when you draw out your vapor. The powerful convection vaporizer will be able to vaporize your materials with 5 different heating levels and avoids combustion since the convection vaporization will blow hot and precise air directly onto the herbs which won't leave any hot spots. When you want to charge the battery, simply plug it in to any USB outlet and it will take 45 minutes to fully charge. The Astra comes with a 5 year warranty as the stainless steel structure will be durable enough to withstand any accidental drops.

This Kit Includes:
  • 1 - Lithium Ion 2000mAh Battery
  • 1 - Heating Chamber
  • 1 - Mouthpiece/Filter
  • 1 - Liquid & Waxy Cup
  • 1 - Tweezers
  • 1 - Cleaning Brush Tool
  • 1 - Packing Tool
  • 1 - USB Cable
  • 1 - Wall Charger
  • 1 - User Manual